Iniesta to end career with Barcelona

Barcelona star midfielder Andres Iniesta wants to end his career with Barcelona and has no intention of moving elsewhere.

He said that he will continue to play as long as he is considered as a valuable member of the team and that he wants to end his career with Barcelona.

Iniesta who is currently 32 started his career with Barcelona and said that it has always been his dream to play for only one club. He is currently under contract until 2018 and said that he wants to remain with the club until the end of his contract.

However, he has yet to renew his contract with Barcelona, and this has given rise to all kinds of speculations. Andres Iniesta said that he has only one word and that he is not interested in joining any other clubs.

He said that at the moment he wants to focus on the title challenge and ensure that they win another La Liga title. He stated that he would sit down with the club at the end of the season to decide whether he is good enough to play for Barcelona and then he will make a decision on whether he will renew his contract or not. He emphasized however that he is not going to sign for another club and that it is his dream to end his career with Barcelona.

Andres Iniesta said that his objective at the moment is to help his team win the league as well as the Champions League. He admitted that there are some good teams left in the Champions League and that it is important that you do not underestimate anyone. He said that he would do his best to help his team reach the next round of the Champions League and from there, anything can happen.