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A demolishing Barcelona exposes Real Madrid’s deficiencies

Report by Andrew Hill

The Camp Nou stadium witnessed a lesson of football at its greatest expression and surrendered to the feet of their players, for the disgrace of True Madrid supporters.

When you defy the laws of physics you have two alternatives: accept your impotence to go in opposition to them or understand the hard way. And when the law that you are attempting to defy is gravity and you are not ready to accept your restrictions, a heavy fall will be awaiting for you to train you a lesson. This is the explanation about Real Madrid’s resounding defeat in “El Clasico” from Spain versus Barcelona for five-. A group that was flying high in all 3 competitions in dispute -Copa del Rey, Liga and Champions League- exactly where they had not acknowledged what a defeat was, until Barcelona taught them a simple rule in Planet Earth: every thing that goes up, need to sooner or later arrive down.

The particular person accountable of defying gravity was Actual Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho, who was easily sitting on a cloud bragging about his achievement and how he had disappointed Barcelona as former Chelsea and Inter coach. Then the Portuguese sticker Cristiano Ronaldo followed his countryman’s actions, and mentioned that Barcelona could in no way score eight ambitions from -which they didn’t, but they came really close to- them, spicing points even a lot more just before the Monday’s game.

With their feet on the ground, Barcelona head coach Joseph Guardiola and his players played deaf ears and waited to give a response on the pitch. They avoided all provocations and just targeted on being truthful to their design, that a single that the legendary Johan Cruyff -former Barcelona coach and player- implemented in 1989 with the beginning of his dream team, a squad that didn’t just emphasis in winning by all signifies, but winning with a lovely game, wherever the ball did most of the running rather of the gamers.

The final 4 video games versus Barcelona had been absolutely nothing but a nightmare for True Madrid, and the fifth a single was not going to be an exception. The first 18 minutes of the 1st fifty percent in which sufficient for Barcelona to choose the game, thanks to the ambitions from Xavi after help from Iniesta, and Pedro who obtained the courtesy from Villa. Mourinho pictured what was waiting for them in the second half, and determined to sacrifice his playmaker Ozil for a defensive midfielder: Lass. But the tale was previously created and there was nothing at all he could do about it.

With a True Madrid already resigned, Barcelona didn’t have to be troubled about defending -as a simple fact the white team only reached Valdez goal when in the very last 45 minutes- and continued with their demolishing attacks, which led into Villa’s 3rd and fourth goal. With the result in their pocket, Guardiola did three substitutions: Bojan, Keita and Jeffren for Villa, Xavi and Pedro, which were unnoticed, as Barcelona continued creating aim choices and managing the game at their satisfaction. Bojan even had two odds to score, but it was Jeffren who scored the fifth and ultimate aim of the match.

With their eternal rival humiliated and the 1st spot of the Liga BBVA taken away from them -Barcelona is the new and solo leader with 34 points, two more than True Madrid- there was nothing else for the red and blue crew to do, but to wait for the final whistle. However for the present, True Madrid’s defender Ramos misplaced his head and violently kicked Messi from behind, creating the disapproval from his rivals, and that led to his red card. Nonetheless impotent with the scenario, Ramos had one particular far more sample of his lack of sportsmanship, and he pushed Puyol in the deal with, which produced the captain fall to the ground, followed my yet another push in Xavi’s deal with before lastly leaving the pitch.

It was a unfortunate conduct from Ramos, but it plainly exemplified the feeling of impotence and frustration from all Real Madrid gamers and supporters, that couldn’t digest what was heading on. Barcelona taught them a lesson about humbleness, and the so awaited response to Mourinho’s and Ronaldo’s provocations was translated into ambitions.

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